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Wetzel Storage Facilities
In 1998 we custom built our state of the art headquarters and storage facility. It is certainly one of the finest and most well kept in the area. With over 175,000 square feet of warehouse storage, we have room to store all of the things you dont. Our facilities are monitored by state of the art fire and security systems and our high insulated ceiling provides a comfortable climate environment for your items year round.

Vaulted Storage:

Your items are carefully packed and loaded into specifically constructed storage vaults, providing a secure, dust free environment. Each Storage Vault is 5' x 7' x 7'-10" providing 280 cubic feet of efficient storage space. Vaulted storage is perfect for storing the contents of a bedroom, pantry, office, or garage. Each item is properly protected and carefully packed to ensure optimum storage conditions.

Oversize & Custom Items:

We have constructed a special area for storing large custom items like pianos, pool tables, sculptures, crated artwork, gym equipment, sofas, armoires, large tables, large rugs, etc. It also provides the perfect storage solution for large equipment, props and sets for TV and movie film production companies. Each item is given the special treatment that it requires in preparation for storage. Once properly prepared for storage, they are placed on storage racks where they are kept safe and dust free.