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Self Storage vs. Full Service
There are a lot of things that are better when you just do it yourself, but if you're like most people, moving and storage are not among them. Although self-storage has become very popular, the facts indicate that our full service storage system is superior in every way, offering superior safety and greater convenience at lower prices! Compare the difference and find out how we are able to do it.
"I had been in a self storage facility for over a year and a half and was able to reduce my storage cost by 60% by changing my storage to Wetzel & Sons. I highly recommend changing from self-storage to Wetzel for both cost and service."

The Average Self Storage Experience

We've moved enough people out of self storage units to know what they're like...

Poorly packed

Dangerously stacked

Obstacle course

If you are like most people, you try to get the most out of your storage space and pack it full. Unfortunately, when you need to pull that one item that is located all the way in the back, it becomes a full day project. On the other hand, if you choose to leave yourself aisles, then you realize that you are paying for space that you are not using for storage.

No Inventory. If you don't have an inventory of the items in storage you can never remember for sure if you took the item to storage or if it's just in the garage. If you started out with an inventory, keeping that inventory list accurate is a another huge hassle.

Exposed to Environmental Elements. Because most self-storage units are outside, they are exposed to extreme heat and cold.

Upkeep. You are responsible for the, cleanliness, pest control, etc. of your storage area.

Why Settle for Less When You Can Have More for Less?

So, why pay more for self-storage when you can get Wetzel's Full Service Storage for less than self storage costs? If you have long term storage needs and are currently in a self storage facility, take advantage of our full service storage conversion offer. Call us or submit an online quote request to find out how you can start saving money on storage.

Wetzel Full Service Storage Model

One might naturally expect self storage prices to be less expensive than our full service storage. But no! Typically, our storage costs are 10 to 15 percent less than the average self storage unit of the same size. How is this possible? Our storage model eliminates a number of costs which enables us to offer superior storage at lower cost. Here are some ways:

Efficient Structure

We build UP, not just across the surface of the ground. This is a luxury that most self-storage facilities simply cannot provide. For example: In our storage facility we will stack 3 of your vaults one on top of the other. This is equal to 5'W x 24'H x 7'D or 840 cubic feet of storage space while only occupying 35 square feet of surface area! By contrast, the equivalent storage space in a self-storage facility would require three times as much surface area, and we all know how much real estate costs.

Efficient Service

Our professional warehouse personnel are able to make the most out of your storage space. With every item carefully packed, each piece fits into your vault like a beautiful puzzle, providing a much more efficient use of your storage space than you are likely to accomplish on your own in the average self-storage unit.


Our professional movers can often pack, move, and store your items in the same time it takes you to get the packing done. With years of experience behind us we can efficiently and effectively complete the job in a fraction of the time it takes to do yourself.

One of the greatest conveniences offered by our full service storage is an accurate inventory of your storage items. We maintain a detailed inventory of the items in storage, recording each item that is added to or removed from your account. Beyond this, we are pleased to provide our clients with an Online Photo Inventory of their items. With this feature you can access your storage items from the convenience of your bedroom or anywhere else in the world at any time whether day or night, weekend or holiday. You can even select items to be delivered, given to charity, disposed etc.