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White Glove Service
Fine furnishings require an extra special touch. At Wetzel & Sons we recognize and take seriously the value and delicate nature of fine furniture, antiques and artwork. That is why we provide our prestigious clientele with white glove service. Our expertly trained and highly experienced crews ensure that each item is handled in the best way, guaranteeing your maximum satisfaction.
"Everything was done on time and with the utmost care. It was truly a white glove move. I commend your crew for their organization, care, and kindness. I can?t say enough about how happy we were with our experience. I would always recommend your service."

Protecting Your Items

White gloves and booties are just one aspect of our signature White Glove Service designed to ensure maximum protection for your items. Our professional movers carefully evaluate the needs of each piece. Proper packing and supplies are used to prevent upholstered items from sweating or developing creases and to protect the finish of fine lacquered items. When the circumstances require it we may use acid free packing paper to keep surfaces in pristine condition. For those items that require an extra measure of protection such as large artwork, sculptures, chandeliers and antiques we provide custom crating.

Protecting Your Home

Not only do we ensure proper care of your items as we move them, we also are careful to protect your flooring, driveways, and any walking paths. Our trucks are fully equipped with the necessary materials to prevent marks or scratches on your new flooring or driveway.